6 June 2023


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Omega is a Swiss watchmaking brand founded in 1848 that, during the 20th century, succeeded in making a name for itself through the high quality of its watches, which enabled it to become a synonym for quality, reliability and precision. The iconicity of the Omega derives primarily from the men and women who have worn its watches while achieving legendary milestones, such as the human first steps on the Moon wearing the iconic Speedmaster, or on the set of movies that marked an era, like the 007 saga.

Among the mentioned legendary milestones, there are also the sport challenges. Indeed, the importance of the brand also runs through sports, being the Official Timekeeper of the Olympics since 1932 and becoming a tool and jewel on the wrist of numerous athletes. The support Omega gave and is currently giving to the sports world consists in developing technology to improve the measurements of the main Olympic disciplines and provide more and more data that allow the athletes to go beyond their limits, but it also includes the sponsorship of the most recognized sportsmen in the world.

On the wrist of the most successful Olympic athlete ever

Omega’s strong connection to the Olympics is fully realized in the sponsorship relationship with Michael Phelps, the most successful athlete in the history of this event.

The relationship between the Baltimore Shark and Omega began in 2004, the year he won his first Olympic medals in Athens resulting in the starting point of his long and successful career, and it is still ongoing.

Following his retirement in 2016 after yet another victory in the swimming pools of Rio de Janeiro, Omega celebrated the incredible career of the best swimmer ever by creating a 280-piece limited edition linked to his 28 Olympic medals.

The chosen watch was obviously a diver’s watch, in particular it was the Planet Ocean in a chronographic version, capable of withstanding depths of up to 600 meters, characterized by the use of the light blue color in contrast with some orange accents. The caseback of the watch features both the swimmer’s logo, an engraving of the watch number and the sapphire glass that allows a glimpse of Omega’s beautiful caliber 9900.

Michael Phelps – photo courtesy of omega.com
Seamaster Planet Ocean Phelps – photo courtesy of omega.com

From fairways to continuous innovation in their watches

Another name that has been representing Omega for many years is the one of Rory McIlroy, currently ranked as PGA world number three, four-time Major tournament winner and three-time Tour Championship winner, the crowning event of the PGA Tour.

The partnership born with the Northern Irish player stems from an historic link between the Swiss brand and Golf, indeed Omega started to sponsor in 2001 one of the most important worldwide tournaments, the European Master played at the “Crans Montana Golf Course”. 

On the Swiss fairways, surrounded by stunning Alpine scenery, champions from all over the world faced each other, resulting in exciting challenges every year.

As mentioned before, the relationship between Omega and athletes is not limited to a simple sponsorship and the result of the collaboration with one of the greatest golfers of our time consists in the creation of a watch specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of most of the   athletes. In fact, August 2019 saw the unveiling of the “Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light”, a revolutionary timepiece for people like McIlroy who look for a watch that can withstand shocks and impacts like those of a golf shot.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light was produced in Titanium Gamma, a special titanium alloy patented by Omega, and thanks to its design characteristics, like the overall weight of only 55 grams and the crown integrated into the case, it shows all the features needed during sporting activities to withstand important stresses and shocks.

Indeed, the hand-wound titanium caliber 8928 has been specifically created to reach such performances and shock resistance, and the selected material reduced the friction among the various components.

Rory Mcllroy Seamaster Ultralight – photo courtesy of hodinkee.com

On the athletics tracks

Omega’s interest in the world of sport was born on the athletic fields of the most prestigious international competitions and today it can boast a bond with athletes that in the same way are synonymous of greatness and success

Among the sportsperson linked to the world of jumping, we mention the Swedish pole vaulter Armand Duplantis (fresh winner of the gold medal in Tokyo 2020 and the gold medal at the World Championships in Oregon last year), the Italian vaulter Gianmarco Tamberi (Olympic champion in Tokyo and gold medal at the indoor world championships in Portland in 2016) and the new Olympic long jump champion Yumilar Rojas, who from 2017 to today can boast six gold medals in the international competitions she took part.

Jumping disciplines aren’t the only ones where Omega athletes excel. People like Dalilah Muhammad (400m world champion) and Allyson Felix (33-time World and Olympic Games medalist sprinter) embody success and victories in the toughest challenges, which has always been the goal of the Swiss company.

Yulimar Rojas – photo courtesy of omega.com
Armand Duplantis – photo courtesy of omega.com

Omega proves to be partner and synonymous with quality on the wrist of the most successful and demanding athletes, accompanying them to the conquest of increasingly ambitious goals.

The needs of the athletes, who excel in the most important and different international events, have been an impetus for the brand in its constant quest to improve itself to achieve an ever-higher standard, thus giving rise not only to special editions to celebrate their successes but also to watches capable of bringing innovation and raising the bar for the competitors, helping to rewrite a piece of history just like its Ambassadors.

Written by Tiziano Patti

Born in 2002, I’m a young watch collector and enthusiast always looking to add new pieces to my collection.