17 April 2023


By In General, Hype Market

Watches have come a long way from being just a tool to tell the time. Over the years, they have become a fashion ancillary that can make a statement about the wearer’s personality, style, and tastes. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to incorporate stones into watch designs. From diamonds and sapphires to more unconventional stones like turquoise and opal, watches adorned with stones are now a widespread trend in the fashion industry. This article will explore the reasons behind the rising popularity of stones on watches and will go into depth into what we in Watchype believe are some interesting gems set timepieces.

There can be several reasons to adorn watches through precious stones. Since the early 1900s, stones on watches have added an element of luxury and elegance to less extravagant dials. Watches adorned with diamonds or other precious stones are often crafted by haute horlogierie maisons, indeed people who wear these watches may be perceived as having a greater appreciation for fine craftsmanship and great experience or knowhow. Then, stones on watches can also provide a unique and personalized touch to the wearer’s style. With a wide range of stones to choose from, watches with stones can be a reflection of the wearer’s personality. For instance, if we take into consideration birthstones, someone born in September may opt for a watch with sapphires, while someone drawn to the mystical properties of stones may choose a watch with amethysts. Moreover, stones on watches can add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral timepiece. A watch with brightly colored stones, such as pink sapphires or green emeralds, can add interest and depth to a rather usual case. Stones can also be used to complement other accessories, such as jewelry or handbags, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

In conclusion, it is for reasons like to above reported that every day we see many of the VIPs and influencers wear watches with stones: from actors like Mark Wahlberg, to athletes like Kyle Kuzma and even models such as Hailey Bieber. This ultimately leads aficionados to be more attracted by these timepieces, increasing their demand. Nonetheless, it is worth keeping in mind that most maisons supplies of gem sets come in limited quantities, increasing the scarcity in the market, reason for which the market value of most of the latest gem set watches is so elevated.

Remarkable timepieces
Within Watchype we woiuld like to put the attention on three major watches with stones that above all need a second of consideration, namely:

Omega Speedmaster “Rainbow”

One of the best “rainbows” ever made because of its elegance, stones gradations, and overall appropriateness in sizes. People already enjoy the speedster collection, but this combination of a bright dial makes the bezel and hour mark extreme stand out and elegant: this is also given by the fact that Omega chose to place 48 stones in the bezel, meaning that in the maison explored more in depth the color gradation. No loud noises and exaggerated flashy designs, make this an appreciable modern gem-set watch.

Omega Speedmaster with “Rainbow” gemset – Photo courtesy of @horology_ancienne

Bulgari Serpenti Spiga

Probably one of the most charming watches ladies can wear today. It is an effortlessly cool combination of horology with astonishing jewelry. Bulgari has kept the same design since the serpenti launched back in the 60s, upgrading every time minor details to make it more in lign with current customer tastes. The diamond set, white gold and crosshatched bracelet pattern makes this serpenti a timepiece not meant for anyone, but only for the most sophisticated preferences. 

Bulgari Serpenti Spiga ref. 103251 – Photo courtesy of www.monochrome-watches.com

Audermars Piguet Royal Oak Quantieme Perpetuelle

It combines the class of the beautiful open worked dial with the octagonal case adorned with a 40-diamond bezel. The Perpetual calendar is one of the complication AP is famous for, and this certainly is one of the the most precious, beautiful and complex timepiece of this reference. The 40 diamonds displayed in the bezel are cut into brilliants and are separated by eight screws, making it look feminine, but definitely enjoyable by men as well. Complexity combined with style and preciousness.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quantieme Perpetuelle ref. 25930SP.ZZ.0944ST.01 – Photo courtesy of www.monacolegendauctions.com

Written by Matteo Marletto

Born in Genoa, since a young age he has been interested in the world of cars and horology, passions that he still cultivates and deepens to this day. Matteo is a great admirer of elegance and classicism, particularly of the vintage world and of gem setting. Nonetheless, he lately is very interested by the intricate complications and ground-breaking designs of independent watch makers.