13 April 2024


By In Cartier, General

Watches and wonders never disappoints and this year’s Cartier new women’s production neither. In fact, the Maison presented some stunning pieces strongly representative of its jewelry vocation and of its remarkable history, proving once more how impressive their technical skills are and what kind of breathtaking results can come when high jewelry and fine watchmaking meet.

Reflection de Cartier Cuff Watch

Described as a “veritable sculpture to wear on the wrist”, the Reflection de Cartier is characterized by clean lines and an open bracelet defined by bold geometry, with strong angles and an open design. The collection earns its name from the two terminal points of this peculiar bracelet, one facing the watch dial and one offering a distortion-free reflection thanks to an accurate polish. Five models in total have been presented during Watches and Winders 2024, two are made by plain gold (yellow and rose) and three feature precious stones: a more traditional all white diamond-set model; a model with a peacock motif (composed of chrysoprasus, obsidian, emeralds, Paraiba tourmaline with iridescent blue-green lacquer) and a model featuring an opal, amethyst, spessartite garnet and tiger’s eye set cuff.

Reflection de Cartier Cuff Watch
Reflection de Cartier Cuff Watch – photo courtesy of Cartier
Animal jewellery watch

Available in multiple configurations, this model represents jewelry watchmaking at its finest. An extensive use of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and even rarer stones and fine lacquer underlines and gives an interesting twist to some of the classic lines used by Cartier. Moreover, the watches continue a century’s worth of traditions, with the firs watch from Cartier inspired by the panther back in 1914.
The Animal Jewellery Watch gives the impression of looking at a bejeweled and, luxurious version of the iconic Pebble, a clear inspiration behind the softly squared dial aperture. It is interesting to note how the two animals featured in this collection, the zebra and the crocodile, are not the historic symbols of the Maison. Nevertheless the effect is stunning thanks to the swirling pattern surrounding the fully gem-set cases. The quartz-powered collection is available in rose, yellow or white gold, with ruby, garnet, spinel and diamond-setting.

Animal Jewellery Watches from watches & Wonders 2024
Animal Jewelry Watches – photo courtesy of Cartier
Crocodile and Tiger Jewellery Watches

These models, departing from the inspiration for the Animal Jewelry, convey an even more impressive result, with more distinct animal features and more gems. The crocodile watch comes in two variations, the bolder one presenting the entirety of the body wrap around the pebble-shaped case and rendered in tourmalines, sapphires, emeralds, mother-of-pearl and diamonds.

Crocodile Jewelry Watch from watches & wonders 2024
Crocodile Jewelry Watch – photo courtesy of Cartier

The other sees the head of the crocodile clenching onto the watch with the jaws, similar to that of the tiger watch. With the tiger watch, the stripes are accented with a white gold and yellow and orange sapphire base to complement the black spinels. Set on 18k white gold, the dial is in a sunray brushed gold and has a diamond hour marker.

Crocodile and Tiger Jewelry Watches 
from watches & wonders 2024
Crocodile and Tiger Jewelry Watches – photo courtesy of Cartier

The first of the two crocodile jewelry watches is probably the clearest evidence of the craftsmanship and attention to details that have always been distinctive signs for Cartier and a perfect example of what jewelry watchmaking means and why it is so attractive to collectors and enthusiasts.

Watchype feeling

Once more, Cartier has stunned collectors with an impressive variety of proposals and pieces that are able to combine exquisite jewelry and watchmaking, despite only featuring (not surprisingly) only quartz movements. At the end, these models are created and imagined thinking of them as impressive and remarkable jeweled pieces, perfect to elevate and give character to already elegant outfits in special occasions. 

It would be nice, in the next few years, for Cartier to surprise ladies with the launch of more portable and day-to-day pieces, accessible to a broader range of enthusiasts and suitable for everyday life and, why not, a more extensive use of mechanical movements in women’s watches. Some of the technical solutions which have been used for men’s watches in recent years could undoubtedly constitute a further prestigious aspect also in women models, creating pieces that are not only breathtaking from an aesthetic point of view, but also technically remarkable and, at the same time, perfect from women of all ages and daily activities.

Written by Aurora Patti

Born in 1997, working in corporate but with a neverending love for the world of watchmaking.